Fish Tacos

Fish Tacos Originally uploaded by nyxie. What’s that, you’ve never had a fish taco? Fish tacos aren’t exactly a common food here in Ottawa, but they are tasty! This version of a taco originated in Southern California, or perhaps Mexico; like many foods, this one seems to have had multiple origins! This in turn means […]

Giant Cupcake

Found via Tastespotting: a giant cupcake pan!  What could be better?

Weekend cooking adventures

I have been unfortunate enough to be suffering from a summer cold over the last week. This has meant I’ve spent a lot of time sleeping and not so much time doing other things. The weather in Ottawa has been pretty dreary lately, but last weekend was really quite nice — sunny and warm, good […]

Swiss Pastries

Swiss Pastries opened their Westboro location a few years ago. Because of the name, we’d always assumed they were only a pastry shop, but recently we discovered they actually have a full service cafe inside. Swiss Pastries is actually a local chain; it was founded in the 1960’s by Hans Ulrich Zuberbuehler, who trained in […]

Bluesfest Food

Rich and I have spent most of the last 11 days at Ottawa Bluesfest. Because there were so many great acts on the schedule this year, we purchased festival passes and have been going almost every night. Of course, this has also meant we’ve been eating on the run a lot lately and cooking less […]