Giant Cupcake

Found via Tastespotting: a giant cupcake pan!  What could be better?

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  1. Mmm, Tasty! | A tale of two cupcakes pingbacked Posted September 21, 2008, 12:11 pm


  1. OmG!!!!!!! dAt iS huGe!!! i Cn Eat dAT iN a WeEK!!! MAKE oNe i LiVe iN bosTon!!!

  2. i Want big cupcake!!! my name is the cupcake terminator!!!!!! yummy!!! i want one!!! make me one!!! come find me in boston!!!! lol i really want one

  3. How did you glaze the bottom of the cupcake?

  4. Gip: This picture is from Wilton’s advertising, and not the giant cupcakes I’ve made.

    When I make it, I don’t glaze the bottom. Just the sides and the top.

  5. Gip: I tried this, and used chocolate on the bottom. I melted the chocolate and applied it to the cupcake mold (thicker the better) and left it in the fridge to harden. then it pops right out! It does require some patience to turn it and add more chocolate to make sure all the sides and bottom are equally thick. If it’s too thin it gets stuck in the mold.

    My trouble is getting a good icing for the top!