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Thanksgiving Dinner, local style

I apologize for this post being a week late, but things have been a tad busy in the Eisner-Lafferty household as of late. But I finally had a chance to sit down and upload our photos from Thanksgiving to flickr, so here they are! This year Rich and I made our own Thanksgiving dinner at […]

Anna Thai

As previously mentioned, we’ve been trying to cut back on spending. This means we’re on the lookout for tasty yet inexpensive places to have a meal. Anna Thai has been on my radar for a few months now. I love thai food, and I like to try places within my own neighbourhood; Anna is a […]

Been busy: catching up with some tasty treats!

August was a crazy month in the Eisner-Lafferty household. As those of you who read Rich’s blog are aware, he just started his MBA at U Ottawa. The last two weeks for him have been quite literally an intensive courseload: two classes completed in two weeks. Ouch. Needless to say, he has far less spare […]

Food TV Cooking Club: August

Batter Be Good To Me Originally uploaded by nyxie. So as you may recall, last month I made a grilled salmon and strawberry dish for the cooking club. This month’s recipe is a bit less adventurous: pancakes. We already have a good pancake recipe in our household, but I decided to give these a […]

Caffe Ventuno-Il Negozio Nicastro

Ottawa locals have long been familiar with Nicastro’s, a local store supplying a variety of Italian and gourmet foods. They have several locations, including one on Merivale Road, one in the Glebe, and one in the Byward Market. The one in the Byward Market has long been a popular lunch destination for those who work […]