Tuna au Poivre

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Tuna au Poivre

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Tonight we wanted to have something a bit more healthy than what we’d been eating the last few days. While such foods as pizza, spicy fries and burgers certainly taste good, they aren’t all that great for you (even if the burgers were veggie!).

We had two tuna steaks left in the freezer, and so using that inspiration and a few recipes I’d found online for Tuna au Poivre, I got to work.

I started with the defrosted tuna steaks, giving them a very liberal coating of fresh cracked black pepper and a bit of salt. These were then tossed into a nice hot pan with a little olive oil and cooked for two minutes per side. I then put the steaks into an oven-safe pan and tossed them in the hot oven (400C) for a few minutes while I prepared the sauce.

Into the hot pan that I just removed the tuna from, I put a little more olive oil, a bit of butter, and about a half cup of chopped red onion. I let the onion cook for a few minutes until softened, then tossed in about 3/4 cup of red wine and half a cup of mushrooms. I let the wine reduce to a nice syrupy state.

Place the tuna over some brown rice, and then put a nice liberal serving of the sauce on top, and you’re done! I’d happily make this again on a weeknight.

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