Toronto coffee shop round-up

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So we’ve been here a month now, and have been very busy getting our apartment unpacked and getting settled. I’ve also been busy getting my new massage office ready to accept clients. Needless to say, it’s been hectic! But things are going well and in between the unpacking and organizing, we’ve managed to find a bit of time to enjoy some of the great coffee places that Toronto has to offer.

Cappuccino at FaemaOne that I know I’m going to spend a lot of time at is Faema cafe, located across the street from my new office. Faema is actually a coffee/espresso machine distributor, but they have a cafe at street level attached to their warehouse. The coffee is excellent quality and their pastries and sandwiches are also good. I haven’t yet tried any hot meals, but I suspect I probably will some day soon.

I was also lucky enough to get to try another local favourite coffee spot, Ideal coffee. They are well known for thChair at Ideal coffeee quality of their beans, and for just being a very down to earth sort of place. I popped down to the Ossington location (just past Dundas) last weekend to grab a coffee with a friend, and was impressed by the quality of their cappuccino. Organic milk in bottles! Fresh roasted beans! Needless to say, I will be back here soon. One warning for anyone who has never been, though: They’re certainly rough around the edges. The food isn’t, but the decor all looks like it was taken from garage sales, and the bathroom is functional but not finished yet. Still, I think it’s part of the place’s charm.

The last coffee shop I’ll mention here is Aroma Cafe, located at Bloor and Bathurst. This is the only Canadian location of the Israeli chain. It is a more ‘slick’ and modern place than the previous two, and has a menu to match. So far I’ve only tried a macchiato and a chocolate croissant, but I will be back to try lunch there sometime soon.

I promise to try to get more regular with posts here!

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