Vegan Cupcakes Take Over Freshbooks!

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As some of you know, Rich works for Freshbooks as their Network Operations Manager, which in non-geek speak means ‘head IT dude’. Every two weeks they release a new version of Freshbooks, and they almost always have some sort of cake to celebrate.

FreshBooks cupcakesBack in February, I made a giant vegan chocolate cupcake with normal-sized cupcakes to go with it for the staff as their post-release treat. Why vegan? Well, a few of the staff can’t have milk, so I already had to do dairy-free, and figured I’d might as well go the whole way and do it fully vegan. I used my standard chocolate cupcake recipe, which is already vegan, and used the yummy buttercream icing recipe from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World, which substitutes in margarine for the usual butter. They were a hit! So when I was asked to do their cake again, I knew I’d have to come up with something really tasty, lest they think my vegan baking skills are slacking.

A quick flip through Vegan Cupcakes led me to the pretty simple idea of adding oreo cookies to chocolate cake batter and icing to make crazy chocolate-y goodness. Yum! Fortunately, oreo cookies are already vegan, so I didn’t have to buy anything super special there. I just grabbed a thing of Earth Balance for the icing and I was ready to go. And the results?

Vegan chocolate oreo cupcakes

Vegan chocolate oreo cupcakes

Sorry for the poor photo quality… I was pretty tired after baking almost 3 dozen of these babies. But I’m sure you can still tell how tasty they were. Hard to go wrong with chocolate, vanilla and oreos!

The recipe has been reprinted on Chow, so go there if you’d like to make these yourself. Which you should. But just be careful not to eat too many, lest you get a sugar coma.

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