We’ve been busy, and now we’re spoiled

Wedding kissApologies for the dearth of posts over the last few weeks. Perhaps, in retrospect, starting up a new blog is not the best thing to do while trying to get ready for your wedding. But that’s all done now! Those interested in more than just our opinions of food can read Candice’s take on the big day, or mine, or see the first little sample of pictures from our photographer (with more to appear on my flickr account once I get around to uploading them).

There’s two big food-related aspects to the whole deal that I want to share here, though, below the cut.

First, instead of an awkward dance floor or couple games, we decided that the highlight of our wedding reception (aside from the beautiful bride and that other guy that keeps hanging out with her) should be the meal. Thus the reception was had at the Courtyard Restaurant in the Byward Market. It happens to also be a beautiful space, so we held the ceremony there as well. The full details are in those links up top there, but I’ll share the menu here with you:

Cocktail Reception

Tomato, bocconcini and basil canapés
Artichoke and chevre bruschetta
Balsamic marinated vegetables on parmesan toules

Punch: Blackberry liqueur, pomegranate liqueur and
sparkling wine with fruit juices
Orange, pineapple and mango juices with grenadine, lime,
Perrier and fresh fruit slices


Cream of broccoli and old cheddar soup

Mixed baby greens saladwith lemon-honey-sunflower emulsion,
dried cherries, and toasted sunflower seeds
Warm almond-crusted chevre over baby spinach with prosciutto,
red onion, and citrus vinaigrette

Strawberry-basil sorbet

Cajun-spiced beef tenderloin tips with lavender honey and
red wine sauce
Pan-seared tilapia filet with panko-crumb crust
and fennel-onion concassé
Polenta layered with tomato-onion confit and
chevre over ratatouille

Caramelized lemon custard tart with red currant coulis
Crème Caramel
Basil and verjus marinated berries with cinnamon-yogurt mousse


Wedding cupcakesWe also offered our football jerseys wholesale review guests a sparkling wine toast (Seaview brut) and wine with dinner (the Courtyard’s house wines, Mommessin St.-Pierre white and red), and instead of a wedding cake we had chocolate cupcakes with pink and orange buttercream from Cucina Dolce, which were a hit — while Candice and I were serving them a lot of people claimed to be full but changed their mind after we insisted they at least taste the icing! Cucina Dolce also did our wedding favours, daisy-shaped cookies in pink and orange, and went to some trouble to find the right cookie cutter and ribbon for us. Thanks, Jayne!

The food was all delicious (I had the baby greens, tilapia and custard tart; Candice had the baby greens, polenta — which was surprisingly smooth and dense — and the marinated berries) and the wholesale nfl jerseys service was immaculate, and that night and since then many guests commented on how much they enjoyed the food and the change from the typical wedding dance. A real success, if I should say so myself (and I got a cute wife out of the deal).

This post went on a lot longer than I expected, so I’ll save the second food-related detail for a separate post. Here’s a teaser, though: our honeymoon was in Paris, and a week in Paris spoils you a bit.


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