Swiss Pastries

Swiss Pastries opened their Westboro location a few years ago. Because of the name, we’d always assumed they were only a pastry shop, but recently we discovered they actually have a full service cafe inside.

Swiss Pastries is actually a local chain; it was founded in the 1960’s by Hans Ulrich Zuberbuehler, who trained in Switzerland to become a Master pastry chef. The first shops were opened in Carlingwood and Billings Bridge malls. Originally, all the shops were pastry/bakery/dessert shops, but the one in Westboro was opened as both a pastry shop and a cafe, offering various lunch foods such as sandwiches, soups, and quiches. They also offer coffees and teas, including some very nice Lavazza espresso.

Rich and I decided to try their lunch today, opting to sit inside, as the small patio only had one umbrella set up and it was a hot and sunny day. We noted they had at least a dozen different panini available (made on a variety of breads!), plus at least two different types of quiche and a number of interesting sounding wraps. He ordered a cappuccino and a Tuscan chicken panini, and I decided on a vegetarian panini with grilled vegetables and bocconcini and a double espresso.

The verdict? Very tasty and quite filling. Rich noted his chicken was just barely cooked enough, but was still good and had a nice flavour. Mine had lots of grilled veggies and what tasted like a roasted pepper ‘pesto’.

I must also note their espresso is quite good! It had a nice crema that didn’t disappear on me and good flavour.

Overall I enjoyed my lunch there, but we both found it a bit overpriced. Our total for two sandwiches and two coffees was $20, more than we would usually spend on a similar lunch at other cafes in the city.

However, we will likely be back. Both of us would like to try some of their pastries!

(Multiple Ottawa locations including 205 Richmond Road; 613-761-6551.)

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