These Ottawa foodies are moving…

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to Toronto!

Rich recently was hired by FreshBooks, a small invoicing startup. He’s actually living part-time in Toronto right now, while I stay behind in Ottawa to finish off some things with my own job and prepare for the move.

This of course means that except for visits to the area, our foodie days in Ottawa are over. We’re sad to be leaving the city but are excited by the foodie prospects that await us in Toronto.

Over the next month I’m going to try to visit some of my favourite restaurants and post a little something about them here. We’ll see how much of that I actually have time for with packing and organizing and cleaning.

And finally… of course this means we’re going to have to change our website’s name and URL. We’ve decided to go with for the URL, but we haven’t settled on a new name for the blog. Any ideas?

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