A piece of local foodie heaven

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Outside of the storeJust after we moved here, Rich blogged about our large selection of grocery stores within walking distance of our apartment. While we do still shop at Sobey’s and Loblaws a fair bit, my favourite by far has become Fiesta Farms.

Never heard of them?  Fiesta Farms is an independently owned and run grocery store.  They started in 1989, when the owner saw a need in the community for a good local shop for Italian and Portuguese groceries.  Since then, they’ve expanded to include a wide range of organic products, and have teamed with Local Food Plus, which brings together local businesses and local farmers so that the consumer can truly buy locally.

What I love about them, aside from getting to support local businesses, is that they have such a wide range of international food items.  I usually go in there trying to decide what to make for dinner, and come out with a bag full of stuff and some delicious ideas.  Seriously, that’s my idea of foodie heaven.

They also have an interesting selection of organic juices and energy drinks.  I noticed a chai flavoured soy protein beverage while in the store last week; a quick google search turns up this, which I believe is the same one.  Anyone ever tried it? I’m thinking I might like it as a snack in between clients some time.

I just wrote a guest blogger post for foodtv.ca about Fiesta as well, if you’d like to read it.

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