The Cupcakery

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Cupcakes are a bit of a contentious issue here in Toronto. We argue about who has the best ones, who uses real butter in their buttercream, and if it’s really worth it to pay $3 for a single cupcake. There’s even a cupcake camp happening next weekend!

For my birthday, I asked Rich to pick up some cupcakes from a bakery not far from our place, The Cupcakery. They opened last spring, and I’ve been eyeing them ever since.

Cupcakes from The Cupcakery

Rich picked me up six different cupcakes in four different flavours: Cookies & Cream (vanilla cupcake with oreo bits), princepessa (white cupcake with pink vanilla icing), Back to Basics (chocolate cupcake with vanilla frosting) and La Dolce Vita (chocolate cupcake with chocolate icing). We had two of the Back to Basics and two of the La Dolce Vita, but each was decorated differently.

We both really enjoyed the cupcakes and found them moist and delicious with tasty icing. My favourite was the Cookies & Cream, probably because it reminded me of cakes from childhood birthday parties. They were also pretty reasonably priced at $2.50 each or $13.00 for six.

Cupcakes from The Cupcakery

My one real complaint is that their website lists many more flavours than are usually available in store. Sure, if you call ahead and ask, they can make you whatever flavours you want in a custom order, including stuff that isn’t listed on the website. But you’d think that they’d have more than four or five flavours available for walk-in orders. Especially since the flavours they did have for walk-ins were pretty generic.

Cupcakes from The Cupcakery

Final verdict? Delicious cupcakes, but not the best place to just drop in and pick some up. Rich tells me he got the impression from the look of the store that they focus more on their custom orders than walk-ins. If we ever do a custom order, we’ll post about it!

Oh and, by the way, if that cupcake camp sounds interesting to you, you’ve still got a few days to register should you want to enter your cupcakes for sampling. If you just want to eat cupcakes, you don’t need to pre-register – just show up!

The Cupcakery – 1034 St. Clair Ave W, Toronto. 647.430.7409.

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