Fresh organic food in the Annex

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Organics on BloorRich and I spend a lot of our free time in the Annex, just hanging out, sipping coffee at cafes or grabbing a pint at the Victory Cafe. So it’s only fitting that we’re moving there. Just two months to go!

I recently reviewed Organics on Bloor for, the timing for which was rather fitting – it’s a very short walk from our new apartment, and will probably become one of our weekly stops for groceries, especially fresh vegetables.

The review on really says it all, but I wanted to share a few more photos of the place. It’s pretty cute inside, the staff are really friendly, and they’ve got a pretty good selection of eco-friendly cleaning products, rivaling that of Fiesta Farms.

Organics on Bloor: Produce shelves

Organics on Bloor: Cereals

Organics on Bloor: Milk/Beverages

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