Sugar High Friday – Tasty Locavore Treats!

sugar high fridayI am happy to announce that I am the host for Sugar High Friday September 2009 edition – Tasty Locavore Treats!

For those who are not familiar with the idea of Sugar High Friday, it is a monthly blogging event where we create a delicious, sugary treat based on a theme of some sort. For example, last month’s theme was Vegetable Surprise, creating treats involving vegetables of some sort.  July’s theme was All Time Favourite Dessert, where you had the perfect excuse to bake your favourite sugary treat and blog about it.

This month, I want folks to create wonderful, sugary creations highlighting one (or more!) locally produced products. Maybe you’ve got a fantastic farmer’s market where you get awesome blueberries you’d like to use in a tart. Maybe you have an apple tree in your back yard and want to make a great apple cake. And of course this theme is not limited to local produce; eggs, milk, butter, cheese, flour, chocolate… as long as it’s locally produced and is one of the main ingredients in your creation, you’re all set!

Want to participate? I hope you do! Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Grab your local product(s) and bake a tasty treat.
  2. Take a picture and blog about it! Somewhere in the body of your post, please put a link to this announcement post, so if someone else wants to participate, they can.
  3. Email me at nyxie [at] nyxie [dot] org, with “SHF-Locavore” as your subject. Please also include:
    • your name (or nickname, if you prefer)
    • the name of your blog
    • a link to the post you are submitting
    • the name of the treat you have created
    • a sentence or two about why you chose the local product you did (which can be as simple as ‘it tastes good’!)
    • a thumbnail image of your creation. It should be no wider than 100 pixels, in jpg format, and should be named the same as your blog. For example, my image would be named mmmtasty.jpg.
  4. Submissions must be in by midnight (EDT) on Monday, September 21st

If you do not have a blog: please just reply to this post with your recipe, a link to a photo (from photobucket, flickr, or where ever you want to store photos) and any info you want to share, and I’ll include you in the roundup.

I’ll post the roundup on Friday of that week, so please do check back here to see everyone’s delicious creations!

As always, thanks to Jennifer, the Domestic Goddess, who created the whole Sugar High Friday concept back in 2004.

Looking forward to seeing everyone’s submissions! Now I just have to figure out what kind of treat I’m going to make…

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