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Delicious Local Strawberries Make Awesome Ice Cream!

There’s a great little community farmer’s market that takes place a short 5 minute walk from my apartment. I kept trying to go to it last year, but never was able to, either due to scheduling or due to, well, forgetting. This year I’ve been able to go several times so far, which has been […]

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Longing for the days of summer

Yesterday I was flipping through my flickr photo account and looking at some of the photos I took last year. I came across my St. Lawrence Market set and remembered that I hadn’t posted here about the lovely farmers markets that take place there. St. Lawrence Market is really a piece of Toronto history, spanning […]

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Everyday Gourmet & Crepe It Up!

It’s been a busy month around here, which is why we haven’t been posting very much.  Sorry about that!  I’ve got a few things for you over the next week or two. Saturday morning we headed to St. Lawrence Market to check out the farmer’s market and do a little general shopping.  While there we […]

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