Longing for the days of summer

Yesterday I was flipping through my flickr photo account and looking at some of the photos I took last year. I came across my St. Lawrence Market set and remembered that I hadn’t posted here about the lovely farmers markets that take place there.

St Lawrence Market

St. Lawrence Market is really a piece of Toronto history, spanning all the way back to 1803, when it was just a few farmers getting together to sell their goods from a little barn on King Street. That expanded over time to become what we know as St. Lawrence Market today. Not only are there farmers selling their goods, but there are a huge variety of stores here. No seriously, I mean huge! They’ve got take away food shops from nearly every culture, bakeries, cafes, butchers, fish mongers, cheese shops, and delis. They’ve also got a variety of shops selling non-food items, some of which are more touristy than others.

St Lawrence Market: Jams, Jellies, Preserves

I think most Torontonians have been to St. Lawrence Market at least once, as it tends to be one of those destination spots. However, I think many don’t bother with the Saturday farmer’s market in the North building (and often spilling out onto the sidewalks during the summer months), instead opting for shopping in the main market building (South). While I certainly love shopping in the main building, I have to say that you’re missing out if you never try to visit the Saturday markets!

St Lawrence Farmer's Market

Looking at my photos from late last summer has me longing for those days again, especially with the dreary weather we’re faced with today. Sure, April showers bring May flowers and all that, but who wouldn’t prefer a lovely day at the market, full of fresh vegetables, fruits, breads, honey and other deliciousness? The Saturday farmers market does run year-round, but it’s really the late spring, summer, and early fall that have lots of selection and seasonable produce. So if you didn’t go last year, you really should go this year.

Speaking of local produce, Rich and I are moving to the Annex next month, and will be within minutes of the My Market Bloor/Borden location. We never got to check it out last year and are really looking forward to it.

I also covered the market for Foodtv.ca back in September, if you’d like to read that article from their archives.

St. Lawrence Market, 92 Front Street East, Toronto. Saturday Market takes place in the North building from 5am until 5pm.

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