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Daring Cooks February: Mmm, Mezze!

So, I’ve hung up my Daring Bakers apron. It became too time consuming to be converting elaborate recipes containing a lot of eggs and butter into vegan, gluten-free versions. Maybe some day I’ll go back, but for now, I simply don’t have the energy to do it. However, I know I can convert cooking recipes; […]

Gluten-free bread: a work in progress

So for the last few weeks I’ve been attempting to make a decent, all-purpose, gluten-free loaf of bread at home. I’ve cut way back on the amount of bread products I eat since going gluten-free, but I still like to have the occasional piece of toast or sandwich. Especially since I don’t have access to […]

Vegan, Gluten-free birthdays? Yes we can!

So about a week ago I realized I had a dilemma. Rich’s birthday was a week away and I still wasn’t allowed to eat any gluten whatsoever. Now, this may not seem like a huge deal, except every year that we’ve been together I’ve baked him some sort of birthday treat. Last year it was […]

Sugar High Friday Roundup – Tasty Locavore Treats!

This month I was lucky enough to host Sugar High Friday, the international sweet tooth extravaganza that takes place on the last Friday of every month. This month’s theme was Tasty Locavore Treats – making awesome sweet things out of local products. There were some wonderful submissions this month! Cathy from Aficionado submitted this lovely […]

Sugar High Friday – Tasty Locavore Treats!

I am happy to announce that I am the host for Sugar High Friday September 2009 edition – Tasty Locavore Treats! For those who are not familiar with the idea of Sugar High Friday, it is a monthly blogging event where we create a delicious, sugary treat based on a theme of some sort. For […]