Coming soon – Starbucks?

Posted in restaurants, Toronto

There’s been a vacant storefront at Dupont and Manning (just east of Dupont and Christie) for over a year now. Earlier this year, a sign indicating a request for zoning change to accomodate a coffee shop was posted in the window, but nothing had been done with the place since, and I thought that maybe the renters had decided not to proceed.

However, today we walked by and a giant ‘Opening soon – Starbucks!’ banner was visible across the front of the building.  Hmm.  I’ll return later this week to take a picture during the day.

I’m rather curious about the choice of location.  While I think the area is lovely (after all, my own office is at Dupont and Christie!) it doesn’t really seem like the typical spot that Starbucks would choose to open in.

If I get more information, I’ll be sure to share it!

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