Wanda’s Pie in the Sky

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Rich and I first heard about Wanda’s when we visited Manic Coffee for the first time and discovered their really delicious baked goods were from a place called Wanda’s Pie in the Sky. We loved the name, but didn’t know much more about the bakery other than they made some vegan treats. However, a few months later, Wanda’s opened their Kensington Market cafe and bakery location, and we knew we’d have to check it out.

True to their name, Wanda’s does indeed have a wide assortment of pies available, in nearly every flavour combination one could want.

Pie isn’t the only thing on the menu, however. Their kitchen is constantly baking to produce cookies, cakes, pastries and squares. They’ve also got fresh-baked bread available for an assortment of sandwiches, plus a daily soup, quiche, and flatbread/pizza. And bonus: everything is vegetarian and some items are vegan.

Rich and I have tried a lot of different items on the menu, but our favourites include their almond croissant, scones, and open-faced sun-dried tomato and walnut sandwich. On our last visit, I grabbed a blueberry scone, pictured below. I will say that for those used to traditional Scottish scones, these aren’t really like them. But they’re so good for what they are that you should get one anyway.

Coffee here is from local roaster Dark City and they’ve got a variety of teas including green, black and herbal. If you order a latte or cappuccino and want soymilk, they actually know how to get great foam out of it. I mention this because Rich and I were discussing this recently; Ottawa coffee shops just didn’t know how to foam soymilk for some reason, yet here in Toronto it isn’t a problem at all. We didn’t realize the difference until we were sitting at Wanda’s a few months ago and were remarking on how great the soy lattes are!

My one negative comment about Wanda’s is the service. It’s very friendly but it isn’t very efficient much of the time. If they get a bit of a crowd up at the cash, the staff seem to scramble to try to fill orders, and I’ve had multiple occasions where my beverage was forgotten about. However, they always rectified this for me really quickly and offered free refills to make up for the mistake. So really, it isn’t a big deal, and certainly worth overlooking if you enjoy tasty baked goods.

Wanda’s Pie in the Sky
287 Augusta Avenue
Toronto, ON
M5T 2M2
(416) 236-7585

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