What the heck do vegans eat, anyway?

I often get asked exactly that question, especially from people who are very ‘meat and potatoes’ in their own eating. Many people simply can’t imagine why I would want to live off salad and mashed potatoes (without the butter, of course) for the rest of my life. When I try to describe the highly varied diet I do have, some people have a difficult time visualizing it. Perhaps they don’t tend to cook like I do or they live somewhere where there isn’t much variety in restaurants, so they’ve never really had an Indian curry, or a Caribbean roti, or Japanese sushi (all of which often offer vegan options). So I’ve decided to start a series of posts on what we eat day-to-day around here. Nothing super fancy, just things I might cook on a typical evening.

August 27 2010 Share

Tonight’s dinner was going to be a thai green curry, but we forgot to grab tofu at the store. So, instead I grabbed some of our gorgeous Russian Blue Potatoes from our CSA, which I chopped and roasted with garlic and thyme and a liberal amount of salt, pepper and oil. I then grabbed some CSA baby spinach and sauteed it with some wheat-free soy sauce, garlic and brown sugar. All of that I paired with a veggie burger. I had mine on a slice of buckwheat chia bread, which is gluten-free, and topped it with a spicy curry sauce we also got from our CSA. As you can see, the CSA is a huge part of our meals around here.

Not the world’s most fancy dinner but it was delicious, and pretty typical of what we eat when we want to do a ‘meat and potatoes’ meal vegan-style.

Roasted potatoes, sauteed spinach and veggie burger

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