What the heck do vegans eat? Pesto!

Here’s another look into what I make on a pretty typical evening. We got a wonderful bunch of kale, some garlic, and some tomatoes in our latest CSA share, so I immediately thought pasta would be wonderful. I just scored an old (but still in great condition) Cuisinart food processor at a yard sale, so […]

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What the heck do vegans eat, anyway?

I often get asked exactly that question, especially from people who are very ‘meat and potatoes’ in their own eating. Many people simply can’t imagine why I would want to live off salad and mashed potatoes (without the butter, of course) for the rest of my life. When I try to describe the highly varied […]

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Community Shared Agriculture

This year Rich and I decided to do a summer CSA. After doing a fair bit of research into what was available in the Toronto area, we decided to go with Kawartha Ecological Growers (KEO). We liked their share size options (large, small or mini) and we loved the way they set theirs up – […]

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