Buy locally, it tastes great!

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I’ve been meaning to write this post for a few weeks, but things have been a bit busy. I changed jobs at the beginning of the month, and we’re hosting our first open house this coming weekend, so I’ve been helping with getting ready for that. But I just noticed my camera sitting on the table, and remembered I had photos to download and a post to make.

Rich and I have been trying to make an effort to buy locally, choosing local produce and baked goods over the mass-market stuff available at our local grocery store. We live near several stores that are locally owned and run, and we will soon have access to a farmer’s market within walking distance, once the weather is good enough for them to open.

pastaA few weekends ago, we picked up some butternut squash ravioli from Parma Ravioli, along with some of their mild tomato sauce. We got buns from the Westboro Bakery, and grabbed some mushrooms, peppers, and carrots from the Herb & Spice.

Dinner was easy to prepare from there: Lightly saute the veggies, add in the sauce to warm through, and cook the pasta until al dente.

How did it all taste? Delicious! My only complaint is the ravioli was very mild, almost too mild. It needed a little something, perhaps some more spices or herbs added to the filling. But otherwise, we were very pleased, and would happily head there again to pick up something for dinner.

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